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PORN_X - the first cryptocurrency for fast online payment, realized through a decentralized Lightning Network solution

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$500 Billion

volume of the crypto-currency market

480 Million

unique users every day

×100 Times

cost of crypto-currencies for the year

$95 Billion

annual monetary turnover of the porn industry

252 Countries

talk about


3rd Person

in the world looks porn

Our people

To introduce blockchain technologies into everyday life is our main goal. We set ourselves a very serious and interesting task. Combine two large sectors of the economy - the porn industry and the crypto currency.

Unsolved problems

Credit cards

Theft of money

Data theft when paying and stealing money from bank cards of users of porn sites

Purchase privacy

When you download porn content, the data appears in the bank statement and possible embarrassing situations with the family

Long-term registration

In order to pay for the purchase, you need to go through a long registration and enter a lot of confidential data


Slow transactions

Slow transactions in the crypto currency due to the recording of each transaction in the chain of custody

Large Fee

With each transaction, the miners charge a large commission for confirmation of the operation

Lack of usability

A small number of services for using crypto currency in everyday life


Anonymous and secure digital currency PORNX which is used to pay for pornographic content on the Internet

Mobile application for fast purchases on the internet using QR-code and storage of new tokens based on the ERC-20 protocol

The fast transaction system X-Q Pay is compatible with the Lightning Network. X-Q Pay is able to integrate into partner sites and accept payment for cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency PORNX

The PORNX token was created as a decentralized ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain Unlike today's payment solutions for crypto currency, PORNX will not be used in the usual Ethereum environment, where commissioners charge commission for confirmation of transactions.

PORNX will be implemented in the Lightning Network, which will reduce the commission for the transaction and make the payment lightning-fast, comparable to Visa / MasterCard, while remaining anonymous and secure.

DApps X-Wall Wallet

The mobile application X-Wall Wallet will have several important functions:

Payment system XQ-PAY


All over the world

Designed as a currency by which you can pay pornographic content around the world. You pay for purchases of porn content with the help of PORNX, and the arrangement with sites is our concern.


When you pay for PORNX, you do not need to disclose your personal information on the site. Paying for purchases using PORNX gives the user anonymity and confidentiality. When exchanging a fiat currency, your data is also safe.

Quick payment

Pay for purchases instantly on the site, through the mobile application X-Wall. You bring the phone to the screen and pay for the purchase by reading the QR code.


When paying for purchases on the site using PORNX, you do not enter your personal data on the payment page. Scammers will not be able to get personal information from users. QR-code for payment is compatible only with the mobile application and generated by smart contract.


More than one hundred companies are interested in cooperation with PORNX Project and installation of the payment system X-Q PAY on the basis of Lightning Network

The token can be applied to:
  • porn sites
  • erotic video chats
  • adult online video games
  • online sex shops

How PORNX works

The profit will be divided into 3 types:

Transaction fee from
website owners

Profit X-Wall Ltd. as any processing company will receive at the expense of the commission with the transaction. According to generally accepted standards, the processing services that you use daily take this commission from site owners - not from users.

Fiat exchange

The additional commission will be charged for the purchase of PORNX - inside the mobile application X-Wall, the purchase of PORNX - will be equated to the input of fiat money into the crypto currency. To optimize the costs of buying out PORNX, we will charge a small commission to support the operational cycle.

Commission for the withdrawal
of PORNX in Fiat from Investors

PORNX holders can exchange their tokens for fiat money, BTC, USDT inside the mobile X-Wall application. A small commission will be levied for withdrawal to Fiat, to maintain a "back cushion"

Thus, the total commission for the turnover of PORNX - will be up to 10%. This will ensure the profitability of the company, as well as finance for the further development of blocking technologies and the popularization of the payment system in other services, not only in the porn industry.

Advantages of investing in PORNX

Trades and speculators

The ability to quickly multiply investments by quickly entering the 2 popular exchanges and the increased demand for PORNX in the secondary market due to the limited amount collected for ICO.

Investors with “long money”

The possibility of a multiple increase in investments due to the fast program for the release of the PORNX project in production and the growth of the tokens in geometric progression due to the purchasing power of PORNX tokens by users of porn sites.


In addition to increase investment, the investor will be able to use the PORNX token inside the adult content sales services after the project's release in production, since at the beginning the token is sold at $ 0.3 and later its price will be minimum $ 30.


They will have opportunity to push the crypto-currency market forward by supporting new technologies and introducing crypto-currency for Internet users. Investments in PORNX will give the development of technology Lightning Network and the introduction of crypto currency as a tool for payment on Internet.



Exchange platforms


Financial planning


Technical development of the project


Promotion of the project




Integration partners


Operating expenses for the company


Salary fund before the release


Registration, patent development


Taxation and deductions

Token distribution














Technical Core Team

Raising money for an advertising company and continuing the development of a payment system based on the payment of porn content PORNX Project



February, 5


February, 18

Soft Cap

1 500 ETH

Hard Cap

5 000 ETH



Token Exchange rate

1 ETH = 1500 PORNX

Max Bonus


Project Protocol

ERC 20

Usefull documents

Sec Howey Test

Legal Opinion

White Paper

One Pager

Our product roadmap

  • April, 2017

    The beginning of the project

    May, 2017

    Meeting of developers and team selection

    June, 2017

    Formation of the concept and search for technical solutions

  • July, 2017

    Closed meeting with investors to finance the project

    July-September, 2017

    Signing an agreement with partners to develop a payment system to pay for pornographic content

    July-September, 2017

    Development of the alpha version of the mobile application X-Wall

  • October, 2017

    Creation and technical support of the PORNX token based on ERC20

    November - January, 2017

    Active advertising company PORNX

    November 20, 2017

    Start Bounty Program

    December 4, 2017

    Pre-SALE - raising money for an advertising company and continuing the development of a payment system based on the payment of porn content PORNX Project
    MVP - the design of a decentralized blockchain solution for conducting snap elections.
    Design of an automated exchange system between ERC20-tokens PORNX based on Ethereum and internal tokens

  • January 15, 2018

    Token Sale ICO - collection of money for the creation of a payment system based on Lightning Network for the payment of porn content PORNX Project

    January - March, 2018

    Exit to 2 exchanges for active trading PORNX

    Exit X-Wall Wallet mobile app on Google Market and Apple Store

    Designing the technical part of the payment system based on the Lightning Network protocol

    Signing an agreement with the Japanese banking holding to confirm transactions in the international legal field.

    November 20, 2017

    Start Bounty Program

  • April - June, 2018

    Launching in the mobile application the possibility of exchanging fiat currencies on PORNX

    Development of the concept of the user interface of the payment system, A | B testing of compositional and stylistic solutions, development of adaptability for the most used devices, inclusion of design for visually impaired and people with disabilities.

    Issuance of the alpha version of the payment system, testing of the performance under different load on the data transfer protocols. Creating a self-test, identifying problems with cross-platform, code refactoring.

    Public audit of the project. Presentation at public conferences to promote the project.

  • Jule - September, 2018

    Integration with partners and the introduction at the first stage of 8 popular sites for the sale of porn. Namely: the integration of a secure protocol of bilateral exchange, the development of the interface for a specific website, the final testing of the release version and the final introduction to the production version. Work on improving the user part, cross-testing, stress testing and statistics collection for further tasks to improve the project X-Q Pay. (Technical Team 1)

    Regular implementation of X-Q Pay service on other porn sites of partners. Publication of the API for configuring the components of the software solution in public networks and forming a set for for such package management systems as npm and pip (Technical Team 2)

    Run on 3 webcam services. Verification of operation, carrying out of transactions, load testing and work with users and autotests, for improvement of stability of work and convenience of the interface. (Technical Team 1)

  • October, 2018 - March, 2019

    Further launch on the web-site partners web sites is about 65. (Technical team 2)
    The introduction of online porn games on 2 services. Verification of operation, conducting transactions, testing and working with users, to improve the convenience of the payment interface. (Technical Team 1)
    The implementation of the remaining services of porn games, estimated to be more than 3000. (Technical team 2)
    Introducing in the stores selling goods for adults and other thematic sites for the sale of intimate goods.
    Introduction to other projects on porn topics.


Companies where our employees worked:

CEO, Founder

Martin Benson

Co-Founder PORNX and Founder & Chairman of Jolla. Emerging markets and investment management at KPMG, Accenture and East Partners. Dr.Tech. in Strategic Investments.


Damian Lerner

Co-Founder PORNX and Founder of Mer and author of Hybris open source projects. Pioneering work on Linux and Android stacks for Nokia and Jolla. Team’s blockchain lead. M.Sc. in Computer Science.


Katrin Markhel

8 years experience in Mobile Development, Social Networks, and Ridesharing. 10 years in IT. Launched the first French Social Network in 2006.

Blockchain Developer

Chulwoo Hong

Core Developer

Colleen Rees

Product Manager

Edward Salisburry

Mobile Developer

David Goldfein

Blockchain Developer

Yoshihiro Sugimoto


Jisun Lee

Product Manager

Elijah Arroyo

Mobile Developer

Julian Fulton